Crash Insurance Case Assisted By Unlikely Source

There is a purpose for having insurance on your vehicle at all times. One woman, however, is found herself in a bit of trouble in 2016 when she is accused of insurance fraud for her purchase insurance online a mere 10 minutes after a crash.

According to an article appearing on the Miami CBS Local website, the woman and her attorney received a bit of legal assistance at her hearing in a Broward County courtroom. That legal help was given by none other than former New York Mayor and attorney to the President, Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani is a licensed attorney in the state of New York; however, he is not licensed to practice law in the state of Florida. Giuliani requested to work on this Broward County case just two weeks after it was announced he would be leaving his New York law firm to work for President Trump. Giuliani’s request was granted on May 8th, much to the pleasant surprise of lead attorney for the defense in the case, Steve Rossi.

“I consider it an honor to have a historical and political icon assisting me on this case,” Rossi said. “He is here to help me out and offer his assistance and I more than graciously accepted it.”

What has been described as a minor case took nearly a half hour in Broward County Court. Giuliani said that this private case was not connected in any way to his work with the President and that he knew the woman and her family and that he had undertaken to help as “a favor”.