Construction Site Accident Severs Leg

download (16)Mindfulness should play a part in all of our driving habits.  When you read about accidents and people getting injured, it’s hard not to think about whether the accident could have been prevented by just a little bit more attention to the road.

Felicia should have been paying more attention to the construction signs on the road. She should have been alert to the people working on the road in their bright orange construction gear.  She should have been more mindful.

Instead, witnesses say that she plowed right into the construction site, ramming Jose.  Jose was wedged between the lady’s car and the bright white pickup truck that he was using with the company.

“I saw the gentleman on the floor with half his leg like severed,” said a witness.  “He was still alert, but he was in a lot of pain, he was screaming.”

Jose was rushed to the hospital for his injuries.  We’re not sure about his condition, but we do hope that he’s in less pain now than when he incurred those injuries.

“I just feel disgusted in thinking maybe the person wasn’t paying attention to what they were doing because there were two workers with their reflective gear on,” said the witness.  “How could she not see them? And we are not supposed to be going faster than 40 in this lane.”

We’re hoping that Jose quickly recovers from his injuries.  This is another case where something happens out of the blue, a place where a car accident attorney can help.  We get to the bottom of the situation and see that justice is served.  Give us a call.