Ceiling Collapses in Minneapolis Concert Hall

downloadPicture yourself playing at a rock concert. We know the expression “bring the house down” means to put on a very entertaining show, but when this happens literally it’s no fun at all. Musicians at a famous music hall in Minneapolis had this happen in the middle of their set.

750 people had gathered to see the band Theory of a Deadman play at First Avenue. In the middle of their fourth song, the band members rushed off-stage as water and ceiling parts came crashing down. By the time the ceiling had finished falling, a 30’x30′ section had fallen away, with water gushing everywhere.

Some thought it was part of the show, but for those who got injured at the event it was not a fun night. Luckily, all those who were injured are expected to recover. The owners of the building have shut it down while inspectors figure out what happened.

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