Car Catches Fire in Crash, One Tries to Flee

download (36)So many things can go wrong while driving a vehicle.  There can be mechanical errors which cause the driver to compensate, there can be a blown out tire that makes the experience a bit shaky, or there might be a whole host of other things that can go wrong.  Nobody expects to be crashing their vehicle when they start off in the morning, especially one where the vehicle catches fire. However, that’s what happened to two friends who were on 280th street in Redland.

The driver reacted to something, perhaps swerving out of the way, perhaps just a jitter or two behind the wheel, but it had both boys running through a fence and hitting a tree.  That wasn’t the worst of their problems, however, as the vehicle burst into flames.One of the boys panicked, trying to run away as the other was ejected from the vehicle.  The one who was released from the car died, but the other one ran away on foot only to be apprehended later. The boy who lived was cited for driving without a license and leaving the scene of a crash.

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