Bus Crashes With 11 Students, No Obvious Injuries

Getting into a motor vehicle accident is almost always traumatic. Such an event can be even worse when children are involved. Every weekday, school buses travel the road and most good drivers tend to be very careful when they are near them.   At other times, something else can happen that can end up causing a school bus crash that may be just as unexpected.

Fortunately for some Miami students riding the bus near Miramar, no one was seriously hurt in a crash that happened on Thursday morning.

According to a story that appeared on the NBC Miami website, a school bus carrying 11 students crashed into a tree just outside a home located at 1976 Southwest 163rd Avenue.  Authorities indicate that the accident happened shortly before 8:30 a.m.

Kimberly Russo, her husband, and family heard the crash that involved a City of Pembroke Pines Charter School bus while visiting other family members living in the neighborhood. The Russo family rushed to the scene to help the students.

The front of the bus was smashed in the crash.  The Russo family took the children inside the home of Kimberly Russo’s sister following the crash, According to Russo, the driver had no idea what happened to cause the crash.

No one on the bus or in the area suffered injuries. According to police, the cause of the crash is still currently under investigation.

It may take a while before investigators reach any solid conclusions regarding this case. The ultimate cause of an accident can come down to driver error or it could be due to poor maintenance that leads to equipment failure or even hazardous road conditions.  Until these factors are determined, it may take a considerable amount of time before an insurance company will settle any claims.  In cases where there are injuries involved, this can be especially stressful if there are medical or repair bills that need to be paid,

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