Boat Crashes into Seven Mile Bridge, Six Injured

downloadIt’s summertime, and in Miami that means it’s boating time. Boats are very useful and great for recreation, but most people don’t have the same experience driving a boat like they do with a car. On a busy boating season, it can be like a bunch of teens out on the water. One wrong move and a terrible crash can happen.

Six people were injured after a boater misjudged where they were going. They tried to cross under the Seven Mile Bridge and crashed into one of the pilings. Three of the six injured had to be airlifted to Miami due to the severity of their injuries.

Who will pay for this accident? Will any of the passengers sue the driver of the boat for what happened? The driver of the boat, the captain, is responsible for the safety of all passengers. If they were driving in an irresponsible manner, or worse, drinking while driving, they could be held liable.

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