Bears TE Jimmy Graham Gives Account Of His Car Crash

It’s rare that we get a first-person account of why a person crashed, but that’s what Chicago Bears tight end Jimmy Graham told reporters after his Miami crash earlier this year. Yahoo! Sports reports.

Graham was driving on the turnpike and saw a car stopped in the center lane. He had to suddenly swerve to avoid it.

“I was on the turnpike, and I saw a cop going kind of down this off-ramp with his lights off, he was reversing, so I got over two lanes and the sun is kind of coming up,” Graham stated.

“So as I’m going over [a] hill, I look up and there is a disabled vehicle in the center lane, and I’m going about 90 mph. Probably about 15 yards away [from the disabled car], I swerved to the left and barely missed him, but I was headed for a bridge so I kind of had to make a last-minute decision, so I decided to turn right and flip it to avoid jumping that [bridge].”

“I ended up rolling — the cop said four times — and skidded on the roof for about 100 yards. It was a wild one.”

Graham says that he feels extremely lucky that he and his dog managed to survive the incident, and that no other cars were involved. The police have not assigned any fault to him for this crash.