A Bang, and then a Body

Cars, in the ideal world, should always be keeping a lookout on the road, always have properly functioning equipment, and always be aware of people on foot or on two wheels. Walking across the street should be safe at any time. We are, unfortunately, not living in the ideal world.  A man was crossing the street around the northbound lanes of US 27 when he was struck by a vehicle around Griffin Road.  He was around Café 27, a bar close to the incident.

“All I heard was a big bang,” said Bo, one of the workers at the restaurant and bar.  “I saw a body in the street.

Authorities were immediately on the scene, attending to the accident and making sure that the man received medical care.  The unidentified man was sent to the Broward Health Medical Center where his non-life-threatening injuries could be attended to.

The road was closed for several hours while the police investigated and otherwise tried to make sense of the accident.  The driver who hit the man apparently fled the scene, and the Broward Sheriff’s Office is searching diligently for that driver.

It’s not clear as to the cause of the accident.  There was no mention as to whether there was alcohol involved, or if there were malfunctions in the vehicle.  The police won’t really know that until the driver of the offending vehicle has been apprehended.

If you have been involved in a hit-and-run accident, you still have rights even if the driver of the vehicle hasn’t been found.  We work very hard to get to the source of cases like these, making sure that we search out the maximum possible settlement for our clients.  Give us a call if you have been injured.