Another Banner Plane Crash

download (1)A pilot is fortunate to have survived a crash of his single engine banner plane in western Broward County. The plane, owned by Aerial Banners Inc., lost power shortly after takeoff from the North Perry General Aviation Airport. The plane went down in some marsh water about 3 miles west of U.S. Highway 27. The pilot appeared to be unhurt and was rescued by a Broward Sheriff’s Office helicopter.

This plane is just the latest in a series of crashes involving banner planes in Southern Florida. Reports indicate that such crashes have been happening regularly since 2011. While the latest crash is still currently under investigation by the FAA, the owner of Aerial Banners Inc., Robert Benyo, said in a statement to the press that none of the incidents involving his planes were due to mechanical failure but rather were either weather related, the plane running out of fuel or because of icing of the carburetor.

Taking flight, no matter how careful a pilot is, can carry risks. Pilots always check and double check their aircraft before taking to the skies. But even when taking such care, it seems that no matter how careful a pilot is, however, plane crashes can happen.

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