Alleged Hit and Run Driver Denied Reduction of Bond

downloadWhen a hit and run driver is caught, the court will throw the book at them. Despite one man’s efforts to get his $1M bond reduced, the court has refused after hearing testimony from the victim’s family. The man accused of the hit and run is considered a flight risk.

The alleged perpetrator hit another man driving a go-ped. Investigators say that he never stopped to render aid or call police. The victim died at the scene. But there is more in this case. The driver states that he was passed-out drunk in his car and that someone else was driving, but the police say otherwise.

They say that the man drove back home and then asked a valet to fix the damage to the car. He has also said some incriminating statements while on the phone in jail. He has also recently traveled to Cambodia and talked about liquidating his assets. With this evidence plus the testimony of the family, the court considered the driver a danger to the community and refused to lower the bond.

If he is convicted of the crime, he could face 30 years in prison.

Hit and run drivers must be tried properly in the court of law so that families can receive closure. This can also include civil proceedings. If you or a loved one have been hurt in an accident and you live in Miami, seek help. Call our personal injury firm for a free consultation.