A Sheriff’s Deputy Dies After Being Struck At A Checkpoint

The Miami Herald reports that a Monroe County Sheriff’s deputy has died, and a second deputy was injured after they were both struck by a motorist over the weekend.

According to an official statement released by Monroe County Sheriff Kevin Crook, on Sunday, July 26th at approximately 12:00 a.m., Deputy Dylan Pickle and Deputy Zach Wilbanks were both struck at a checkpoint in Hamilton, Mississippi.

According to Sheriff Crook, the accident happened near the intersection of Seely Drive and Hamilton Road when they were struck by a young woman who didn’t realize that the safety checkpoint was there.

The 24-year-old Deputy Pickle was rushed to North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo with severe head trauma.  Pickle later died as a result of his injuries during the surgical procedure.

Deputy Wilbanks also suffered head injuries and underwent surgery for a broken leg.  Wilbanks remains in the hospital at the time of the report.  Sheriff Crook told reporters that Deputy Wilbanks is a resilient guy and that he expects the deputy to recover from the incident fully.

Two additional sheriff’s deputies were on hand at the time of the crash.

“As far as the accident itself,” Sheriff Crook told reporters, “the highway patrol is conducting the investigation, and it’s still under investigation, but it appears to be an accident.

While investigators don’t believe that impairment was a factor,  the woman was likely speeding.  So far, no charges have been filed against the driver.

Deputy Pickle was a Mississippi National Guard veteran.  He became a Sheriff’s Deputy in 2016 and worked as a jailer.  Just one month ago, Deputy Pickle was promoted to the position of a patrol officer. Sheriff Crook said of Pickle that he was well-liked throughout the community and that he couldn’t have hoped for a better officer.