Back Injury Lawyer in Miami, FL

Back Injury Lawyer in Miami, FLSuffering a back injury at work can cause health issues for many years. This type of injury is quite common and can happen when workers lift heavy objects or suffer some type of slip and fall accident. If you've suffered injury to your back and you're in pain, you need a qualified Miami back injury lawyer to help seek the compensation you deserve.

With the right attorney for a back injury in Miami, you can gain compensation for medical bills, pain and suffer, lost wages and punitive damages. One of our attorneys can file a claim on your behalf and help seek compensation from the negligent parties. Whether a safety hazard caused your back injury from a fall or many years of working in an unsafe environment caused your injury, an attorney can help you seek financial compensation.

A Back Injury Lawyer in Miami Can Help Get more than Just Workers' Compensation

Workplace injuries have become far too common and they can happen in nearly any type of job. Whether it's a construction worker suffering a fall or an office employee suffering minor back pain that escalates over time, these injuries are very common. Workers' compensation may protect your employer, but it doesn't protect the manufactures, subcontractors and others that could be responsible for your injury.

Just because accidents are common in some work areas, such as construction zones, doesn't mean these areas need to be inherently dangerous. Workers should expect a certain level of safety in their workplace and if they are injured, it's reasonable to expect workers' compensation to cover the medical bills and lost wages.

Types of Injuries a We Can Help With

In the state of Florida, if a business employs four or more employees, they are required to provide workers' compensation benefits. If you are injured, these benefits will help by covering two-thirds of any lost wages and all medical expenses accrued due to the injury you suffered. Here are some of the injuries most commonly experienced in the workplace.

  • Herniated Discs - Most commonly experienced because of a serious slip and fall or from constant lifting of heavy objects, a herniated disc can cause constant pain, weakness and numbness in your back.
  • Lumbar Strain - This type of injury is also known as lower back strain and can include spinal cord injuries. Lumbar strain happens when lifting heavy objects and is often found with those that work in delivery, shipping and receiving, stockroom and retail.
  • Paraplegia - A very serious injury causing impairment of the lower extremities, this can cause disability for a lifetime.
  • Quadriplegia - Another very serious injury that can cause paralysis of the torso and limbs. Typically, if the spinal cord is damaged between the C1 and C7 vertebrate from a serious fall, one might suffer this injury.

Even the most minor of back injuries can cause a lifetime of pain or disability. Any injury suffered to the spinal cord or muscles in the back can cause financial hardship. With the right Miami back injury lawyer, you can receive compensation above and beyond the workers' compensation benefits provided by your employer.

Back Injury Attorneys Seek the Truth

The truth behind workers' compensation, it will cover just a little bit, of what you really need. They will try to claim that your injury only needs certain medical treatment and there will be an expiration date on how much they will cover. If you want to receive fair compensation for your injuries, you need to discuss your case with a qualified back injury lawyer in Miami.

Back injuries can cause regular visits to a chiropractor, massage therapist and doctor. You may need to undergo surgeries, now and in the future because of your injury. If you have suffered a serious back injury that causes you pain, it's necessary to seek the truth and force the negligent parties to pay for the medical bills, lost wages and other damages you've suffered.

Start Your Claim with a Free Consultation

Getting the ball rolling now, rather than later, will help your case. The sooner you contact an attorney, the better chance you have to gain full compensation. If you wait too long, you may not be able to file a claim and you will be stuck with an injury, high medical bills, daily pain and financial hardship.
Our back injury attorneys in Miami can provide you with a free consultation and review all the details of your case. They will file a claim on your behalf and seek the fair compensation you deserve. To get your case started today, provide us with a few details and we will have one of our Miami back injury lawyers contact you. Get started here.