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Pedestrian Injured in Miami Gardens Hit and Run

August 16, 2017

Hit and run accidents involving pedestrians can be all too common. Earlier this week a pedestrian was injured in a hit and run crash that happened in Miami Gardens.

In a report that appeared on the CBS Local website in Miami, witnesses to the incident indicated that the man had been seen leaving a McDonald’s restaurant located near NW 183rd Street and NW 47th Avenue when he was struck by a gray Nissan. The street was left littered with … Read More

Photo Captures Last Moments Before Hit and Run Crash

August 9, 2017

Authorities believe that they have apprehended the driver who was behind the wheel in a fatal hit and run crash that happened in Fort Lauderdale at the beginning of July.

According to a recent article that appeared on, the accident occurred on July 1st when 58-year-old Miguel Soler of New Jersey was struck and killed just moments after his wife, Vivian Soler, took a photo of him on Los Olos Boulevard.

Vivian Soler said that the driver did … Read More

Dangerous Issue Found in Ford Explorers Causes Drivers to Pass Out

August 3, 2017

An issue involving the exhaust systems of Ford Explorers has resulted in a number of complaints and injuries according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTSA).

Since the Ford Explorer is often used as police cruisers, cities like Miami are taking the extreme stance of pulling the vehicles out of service.

In a recent article that appeared on CBS Local in Miami, in spite of assurances by Ford Motor Company that they will fix the issue, in the … Read More

High Speed Chase Injures At Least Five, Three Arrests

July 26, 2017

An armed robbery led police on a high speed chase and a crash in North Lauderdale on Tuesday leaving at least five people injured and three people are now under arrest.

According to a report that appeared on the website, it all began with an armed robbery that took place at the Cash America Pawn Store in Lauderdale Lakes at approximately 1:00 p.m.   The thieves were using a stolen car in the robbery that was later spotted by … Read More

Four-Year-Old Washed Up In Front of Traffic

July 19, 2017

A four-year-old boy who was riding a bodyboard caught a wave got too close to a lane of traffic when he was struck by a pickup truck Sunday afternoon.

In an article appearing in the Miami Herald, Tammy Marris, a spokeswoman for Volusia County beach safety, told the news agency that the boy was crying and alert when emergency crews transported to an area hospital for treatment.

Authorities indicate that the accident occurred at approximately 3:00 p.m. Ormond Beach … Read More

Williams Entered Intersection Legally According to New Evidence

July 12, 2017

No matter who you are, every time you get behind the wheel of your car, or are traveling as a passenger while someone else is driving, there is always the potential of getting into a serious car accident.

That turned out to be the case for international tennis star, Venus Williams, when her SUV was broadsided mid-intersection earlier this month. The crash resulted in the death of the passenger in the other vehicle.

According an article appearing on the NBC Read More

Wrong Way Driver Kills Two in Ridge Manor

July 5, 2017

Wrong way driving leads to some of the worst crashes. Head-on collisions are dangerous due to the multiplication of force from two objects throwing all their momentum at each other. They’re also dangerous because road patterns are designed to avoid head-on crashes as much as possible.

A recent wrong-way crash reported by CBS Miami has claimed two lives and almost claimed the life of a deputy. The accident happened in Ridge Manor.

The sheriff’s deputy was ran off of the … Read More

Child Ran Over By Family Member

June 28, 2017

When children start learning to walk, they learn to move fast. Dealing with the speed and curiosity of a toddler can be wearing on parents. They must be vigilant, or situations like the following can happen.

CBS Miami reports that a child is now in critical condition after a family member ran the child over. The incident happened in Jacksonville. The family member was leaving the apartment and didn’t notice where the child was when they began backing up.

Newer … Read More

Police Chase Ends In Crash

June 21, 2017

Police chases are exciting on TV, but they are very dangerous for everyone involved. One wrong slip and innocent people can get caught up in the chase. That’s what happened in a recent crash reported on by CBS Miami.

Police were chasing a suspect who assaulted a cop after refusing to stop. They were following the suspect when the officer struck a vehicle on N.W. 7th Avenue. The collision pushed the officer’s cruiser into a third vehicle. Both of those … Read More

Driver Crashes Through Arcade Window, Injures Seven

June 14, 2017

We expect to be safe from cars when we’re inside of a building, but sometimes a driver can lose control and smash through a window. That’s what happened at an arcade in Delray Beach. CBS Miami has the story.

The crash happened last Sunday. Seven people were injured in the crash, including the older driver. Two were treated at the scene. The rest were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Police do not know why the older gentleman swerved … Read More


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